Applications Close Midnight August 31st

Applications Close Midnight
August 31st


We use gaming to teach real world skills.

We use gaming to teach
real world skills.

Recurring Weekly Program

Open for Gamers
10-17 years old

Johnson County
Public Library
Central Resource

Every Saturday 10-12pm

Looking for an esports program that your gamer will enjoy?

Gamers will learn gaming fundamentals such as proper communication, teamwork, leadership and quick decision making. It’s an opportunity to develop real-world skills that will help them succeed in any field they choose!

Once they complete our 10 Core Classes, gamers will become honorary members of Glitch Corps. 

Become more active

Developing a strong mind is helped by training the body through fitness. In each class, we will work out as a squad to grow stronger together.

Develop grit

Grit makes you push through even when you're tired and exhausted. Grit is what helps you see past an obstacle that seems impossible.

Grow as a leader

With Glitch Corps, we make sure that our participants feel like this is their program. They are given ownership of their journey, and we help them chart the path they want to take together as a group.

Achievements unlocked

Once a recruit completes the 10 Core Classes, they will earn their esports jersey with their Gamertag. 

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As we work to build out our own space, the boot camp will take place at the Johnson County Library - Blue Valley. The library does not have any affiliation with the Glitch Corps program.

Have any questions? Contact [email protected] or call (913)845-5530.